Personal Musings

SOMO Market: Food and Tchotchkes

One weekend found me in a not-so-nearby market / bazaar. It’s been so long since I went to one that when I got there, I’ve been screaming happily. *pause* Inside. Can’t be running around a public place screaming. Not at my age.

It was the usual bazaar: lots of food, some trinkets and thingamabobs, people with their pets. The area was wide and sprawling and tents helped shade us from the mid-afternoon sun. Although there was no saving us from the rocky (stony? Extremely stony? So stony it hurt?) grounds of the bazaar. But other than that, yeah. I loved the SOMO Market. There were some items that caught my eye.

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Personal Musings

What Going to the Grocery Store Now Means to Me

shelves of perishable grocery items

Going to the grocery used to be just one of the chores I had to do, which I enjoy at times. Especially when I wanted particular things, like a tub of mint chocolate ice-cream or ingredients for a TikTok-inspired food wrap. Fast forward to that fateful day of March 15th, when the first day of lockdown in my country began. Suddenly, we were all in a collective experience where we had to wrap our heads around the “new normal.” Everyone struggled to adjust, in their own different ways. But we all struggled, nonetheless. The forced changes in our lifestyles were all so new to us. Life was never the same again, going grocery shopping included.

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Personal Musings

2020: The Year in Things

  • Excel spreadsheet full of travel itinerary
  • 2020 planners that looked like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights because lockdown + planners? Whut??
  • Just plain messed up travel plans
  • Or any plans that involved stepping outside the house, really
  • Face masks
  • Alcohol
  • Hand washing
  • Face shield
  • Kdramas, lots of kdramas
  • Extra sleeping hours
  • More nap times
  • Weight gains
  • Panic pains
  • Worries
  • Fears
  • Resigned acceptance
  • Rowoon of SF9
Rowoon of SF9

January is nearly done with us and I still can’t believe 2020 is over. POOF! Just like that. It was the longest shortest year ever.

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