So this is what it feels like, this confluence of things. I feel shiny and happy, like I just walked into a room and someone threw confetti and they’re blasting GOT7’s Lullaby” in the background. (Yes, I am so in love with that song and that group. 🥰) I just feel like my creativity has picked up recently and that is such a cause for feeling shiny and happy, also grateful. ❤️

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A Shiny New Thing, but Not Without Tangents First

My, my. How this blog has grown. The blog you see right now, Heyy Starshine, actually had many incarnations way back in early 2000, when I was still a baby blogger. Exhibit A, back to the time when I was still an intern for a post-production company and had this huge, huge crush on one of their clients. I am HOWLING WITH LAUGHTER as I read this one. 😂

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Four Things I Learned from “Tale of the Nine Tailed”

The kdrama “Tale of the Nine Tailed” appealed to me because I loved how they touched on Korean folklore and mythology. New stuff to learn! Plus, Lee Yeon, the sassy, prickly, arrogant nine-tailed fox loves mint chocolate ice-cream, too. I feel a connection already. 😆 My favorite episode was when they went to an island and uncovered supernatural elements, if not mysterious ones. Here are my four favorite topics the show brought up:

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