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The Weekend Bubble of Orphenadrine and Tramadol

This weekend brought to you by an excruciating toothache, kdramas, and more naps than a newborn.

A foggy state of mind

I went to the dentist during the workweek, thinking I was going to get a tooth extracted. But then it turns out that aside from my third molar needing extraction, my impacted wisdom tooth also needs to undergo minor surgery. The process isn’t as simple a walking into the dentist’s office and getting that damn tooth operated on, though. Due to my heart condition, I needed clearance from my cardiologist. And before my cardiologist gives me clearance, I need to do another round of 2D Echo. Until then, I’m relying on medicines to keep the pain at bay. And they work! They work so well, they make me feel groggy and foggy every time I take them. 😆 I’m not complaining, though. I’ll take what I can to get rid of the pain.

Crime mystery and horror kdramas are my jam

My love for these genres have grown, all thanks to quality kdramas. Don’t get me wrong. I like romcoms, too. But horror and crime mystery kdramas hold a different appeal to me. It’s exciting. The best one I’ve watched recently is “Beyond Evil.” Have you seen that gem? It was so taut and tense! The kind of kdrama where you can’t trust anyone, not even the main leads. If you also enjoy kdramas of the horror and/or murderer mystery variety, I 10/10 recommend the following:

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An Odd Sense of Comfort

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo kdrama

I’m typing this on my phone, with the keys on my mini keyboard feeling crunchy under the weight of my fingers. It has been the longest week to date and not one of the easiest. How are things on your end? I wish you are well and healthy and strong.

I have been knee-deep in crime mystery kdramas and I swear I did not plan it that way. Amidst the pandemic, it’s the small, everyday things that give me an odd sense of comfort. A rainy day/night. Taylor Swift’s /“Mr. Perfectly Fine.”/ A glass of cold chocolate drink. During this tough time, it’s best to look after ourselves, too. We owe it to ourselves, that precious thing called self care.

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SOMO Market: Food and Tchotchkes

One weekend found me in a not-so-nearby market / bazaar. It’s been so long since I went to one that when I got there, I’ve been screaming happily. *pause* Inside. Can’t be running around a public place screaming. Not at my age.

It was the usual bazaar: lots of food, some trinkets and thingamabobs, people with their pets. The area was wide and sprawling and tents helped shade us from the mid-afternoon sun. Although there was no saving us from the rocky (stony? Extremely stony? So stony it hurt?) grounds of the bazaar. But other than that, yeah. I loved the SOMO Market. There were some items that caught my eye.

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